Intense Natural Chicken Bone Broth


Our house-made, gelatin-rich bone broth is liquid gold. Consciously created with four pounds of chicken bones pounds per litre, water, and a touch of sea salt, then simmered to intensify the richness leaving a clean, simple broth you can flavour as you wish. Perfect to have handy for all your recipes and soups, or stir in a spoonful of miso paste and grated ginger for a soothing cuppa when you're feeling run down. We use this broth for everything from cooking grains, making gravies and pan sauces, to our own family soup recipes. Once you try ours, you'll never go back to those boxed "stocks" on the grocery store shelves. {Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free}


What's in it?

chicken bones, water, sea salt


Perfect for all your favourite recipes, or try one of ours...

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Fennel Sausage and Apple Cornbread Dressing

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