Coconut Curried Vegetable Soup


Deliciously rich, yet uber-healthy, this soup is simply loaded with nutritious veggies all swimming in a comforting coconut curry broth. Warming spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cumin add a depth of flavour without adding a spicy heat so this one can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Toss in cubes of firm tofu, chicken or shrimp for added protein or simply garnish with fresh cilantro. {Vegan | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free}


What's in it?

caramelized onions, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, brown rice, red peppers, green peppers, yams, green beans, carrots, celery, corn, peas, coconut milk, crushed tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, curry powder, nutmeg, ground coriander, pepper, cinnamon, orange rind, lemongrass, cumin, turmeric, fresh cilantro, Dijon mustard, sea salt

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