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"Absolutely love your soups!!! SO glad I ordered!!! Myself and hubby are tough customers too...we love your stuff!!!" ~ Lori, Vancouver

"Mmmmm, chicken pot pie using Intense Chicken Stock from The Soup Solution. I am shamelessly promoting this product. The soups and stocks are beyond delicious, healthy, locally made and delivered to your door! Thank you Gayle McLeod. The kids devoured it." ~ Siise, Vancouver

"The BC Art Therapy Association LOVES your soups. We have ordered a line up for two of our professional development days. We appreciate the simplicity of warming them in crock pots while we meet, then enjoying a variety of homemade bowls of tastiness!" ~ BC Art Therapy Association

"So far the soups we have had are AMAZING! Full of flavour, spice and no preservatives. With 6 of us in the house - will have to re-order very soon." ~ Jessie, Vancouver

"It's a busy time for us all. I really enjoyed your soups over the holidays - thanks! They were handy to have on hand especially with lots of family staying with us. A 'bowl of health' is always nice to pull out of the freezer. Yum, delish and more please are a few words expressed by the boys after a warm bowl of soup was enjoyed. My personal favs are the Thai Curry Chicken and the Mexican Chicken. Amazing!!" ~ Joanne, Vancouver



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