Join Our 2nd Annual Soup Drive | Fill Your Freezer and Your Heart November 29 2016

The Soup Solution's Soup Drive will give one litre of soup for every five litres of soup purchased online during the month of December.

On November 29th, join us in celebrating GivingTuesday, a national day of giving and volunteering, as we launch our 2nd Annual Soup Drive in partnership with our vendor, Serious Soups.


In a perfect world, everyone would have delicious, healthy food at their fingertips. The unfortunate reality is there are a substantial number of households in the communities surrounding you right now that report food insecurity—the financial ability to access adequate healthy and culturally-appropriate food—making it difficult to access quality, affordable foods.

While it's always a good time give, the approaching holiday season and the exciting national movement, GivingTuesday, has us particularly focused on helping those in need. In our search to find a way to participate in the best way we know how - by providing wholesome, healthy food - we found Quest Food Exchange, and we're excited to share more about the amazing work they do.

For the month of December, we will be hosting our 2nd annual soup drive in support of the Quest Food Exchange program.

Quest Food Exchange is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to reduce hunger with dignity, build community and foster sustainability. They provide accesses to affordable, healthy foods for low-income and marginalized individuals to assist in their transition from dependent to self-sufficiency. Quest is a unique organization that operates four – soon to be five – not-for-profit grocery markets, offering a full range of food and other products for a fraction of the retail cost. They collaborate with food suppliers and over 500 social service agency partners to create a social enterprise model that is essentially a food redistribution hub. With the help of generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and community partners, they help change the lives of the thousands of clients they serve monthly, including 250 inner city school children.

With this soup drive, we take our dedication to making healthy, balanced and wholesome food available to families and individuals around Greater Vancouver one step further. Serious Soups (the fine folks behind these products), and The Soup Solution (yours truly) have teamed up to pledge a donation to Quest Food Exchange. With your support, we will give one litre of soup for every five litres of soup purchased online from The Soup Solution for delivery during the month of December. 

By purchasing online and filling your freezer with our wholesome soups, you'll be helping to provide the same healthy foods to Quest and support their mission in reducing hunger with dignity in our community.

Thanks to everyone who supported our first ever soup drive last December, we exceeded our goal and donated nearly 60 litres of individually packaged soups to Quest. They were extremely well received by the clients they serve, particularly by the families with young children. This year, our goal is to donate at least of 75 litres of soup to the Quest Food Exchange program, but we can't do it without you.

How you can help.

Besides purchasing our soups during the month of December, the simple act of sharing our soup drive mission with your friends and family will help us spread the word. By connecting with usQuest Food Exchange and GivingTuesday on social media, you can also help raise awareness for these organizations and programs of support in our communities.

To find out more about Quest Food Exchange, their partners, mission and accomplishments, please visit their website.

A heartfelt thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Eat well,


Thoughts on Whole Juice + My Green Zinger {Whole} Juice Recipe May 04 2016

My foray into whole juice didn't get off to a great start. The first one I made was a recipe for whole carrot juice, and the first sip was... wah, wah, waaaaah – so incredibly disappointing that I didn't bother again for a quite some time. It just tasted like a watered down carrot (uh - because that's basically what it was). Not quite like the luscious – but not whole – fresh juice made with an actual juicer. 

Here's the thing... I've always thought it was a bit of a shame that all the leftover fibre and pulp after juicing fruits & veggies didn't actually make it into my body. Sure... you could take all that pulp and bake some sort of loaf with it, but frankly, you could also just eat the fruit/veg whole and save yourself a lot of clean up.

Here's another thing... there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I can cram another kitchen gadget in here. So... whole juice it is.

Don't expect this to taste the same as extracted juice, but I promise it's a really delicious WHOLE juice. There's still that thing about adding a lot of water to get the fibre all "juicy", but there are two advantages to whole juice I love:

• Whole juice leaves you feeling more satisfied since the fibre remains in the drink. 

• It's a great way to keep hydrated (I'm terrible at drinking water. I know... it's really is a simple task, but it's also a fact I need a little help to get my water intake for the day).

If you're going to give this juice/smoothie a go, (and I really hope you do:), start with less water and add more as you go. Basically, then less water you add, your drink will be thicker and have more flavour, like a smoothie. It's really just a personal preference, so play around and make it your own. The flavour combo of greens with pineapple and ginger is solid, so if you like it sweeter, add more pineapple. If you really love ginger, add another slice for a spicy kick. Drink up!

Gayle McLeod | May 4th, 2016

Makes a lot!


2-3 cups cold water (start with 2 cups, then add more if want less smoothie, more juicy)

1 generous handful spinach leaves

1/2 cup fresh Italian parsley, packed

1" piece of ginger, peeled (add more if you love a spicy kick)

1 apple, cored and quartered

1 orange, peeled

1-1/2 cup frozen pineapple (use more or less depending on how sweet you like it)

1 cup ice cubes


Put all ingredients in a powerful bender in the order they appear and blend on low for a few seconds before increasing to high. My blender has a whole juice setting that runs about 45 seconds total. I cycle through twice to ensure everything is blended well. 

Since this recipe makes a lot, you could half it, or better yet store the leftovers in a clean jar and stash in the fridge for later. Just give it a good shake before drinking.



Simple Tips For Easy Holiday Entertaining December 13 2015 1 Comment


The Kids Are Going Baaaack! August 06 2015

{5 Tips for a Healthy & Litterless Lunch PLUS a GIVEAWAY}

Whether the thought of the kids going back to school makes you jump for joy or cringe at the thought, there's no question a little preparation and planning makes the first few weeks of new routines run smoother.

Putting together healthy AND tasty school lunches can be a challenge. I find sending a hot lunch to school is easiest and my kids love having a warm comforting meal like chicken noodle soup or turkey chili. I'd like to share with you a few easy meal ideas, serving tips and our favourite healthy snack recipes to make feeding your family healthy food on the go a little easier.

1) Stock up on ready to heat soups & sauces.

Whether you make your own or you plan on a delivery from The Soup Solution - now's the time! Our products can be defrosted and stored in the fridge up to 2 weeks (unopened) for fast easy meals at your finger tips. A lifesaver when busy schedules get the best of you.

2) Invest in good quality reusable food containers.

We love our Thermos® food jars! They are easy to fill, easy to clean and even have a spoon nestled in the lid. These jars have never let us down - food stays hot for hours. We also love sturdy *leak-proof* containers like these ones from sistema®, and stainless steel containers like these made by Onyx. Having a stock of easy to use containers in various sizes is essential when packing a portable and litterless lunch. We have used all of these products and give them 5/5 spoons! Our neighbourhood London Drugs has a fantastic selection of these containers as well as practical lunch bags to pack them in.

3) Have pre-cooked pasta ready to go.

Our Bolognese Sauce and Alfredo Sauce are a huge hit with kids, and when you have pre-cooked pasta handy, lunch is made before you've finished your morning coffee! Keep leftover pasta in smaller portions in the freezer. Simply drop in boiling water for a few seconds and it's ready to go. You can also add cooked pasta to soups like our Fresh Tomato & Basil Bisque. We love Duso's Sunrise Mini 4-Cheese Ravioli or try cute alphabet shaped pasta for a fun spoonful. Adding whole grain pasta is always a great idea!

4) Use that leftover rice.

When there are after school sports and activities on the schedule, kids need a hearty, nutritious meal to power through their busy days. Try serving a generous scoop of cooked brown rice with our Butter Chicken Soup, Mexican Chicken Soup, Thai Curried Chicken Soup or any one of our chilis topped with shredded cheese. Our Southwestern Corn Chowder over rice is a delicious vegetarian option.

5) Keep the processed and individually packaged snacks to a minimum.

Now that you have all the great reusable containers, it's easy to send snacks like apple sauce, yogurt and crackers without creating more waste using individual pre-packaged portions. Make a batch of this protein-rich Miso Hummus in minutes and serve with vegetable sticks or whole grain naan. Having a freezer stash of homemade snacks makes packing lunches a breeze. Our favourite healthy snack recipes are Whole Wheat Carrot Apple Muffins and Nut-Free Protein Brownie Bites. Easy to make, low in sugar and most importantly, kid-approved. 


Get an A+ in Lunch this year! 

    Giveaway ($60 Value): We love our Thermos® Food jars so much, we wanted to share them with you. To enter the draw, simply place a qualifying order ($150 minimum and a delivery address within Greater Vancouver) via our website before September 1st, 2015. That's it! Once your payment and order details are confirmed, you will automatically be entered. The winner will be randomly drawn and notified via email on September 2nd, 2015. Good luck!

    Eat well,


    Have some great ideas to share? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email me at Don't forget to to join me on social media for more tips and recipes! 

    Soup Love February 03 2015 1 Comment

    Serious Soups has been providing all natural gourmet soups to the wholesale food service industry since 2005. Proud to be a local company, and strive to create the healthiest, most flavourful soups on the market. They insist on using only fresh, natural ingredients – low in sodium, no MSG or artificial preservatives. They are Serious about Soups!

    Good for what ails you. November 01 2014

    Cold and flu season has arrived!

    There’s an old saying, “Good broth can resurrect the dead.” Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it does sound like a superpower that might come in handy over the next few months.

    I sincerely hope you and yours may be fortunate enough to escape those sneaky, lurking viruses.

    We were not so lucky. We’ve just fought our first battle, but we were ready! Armed with a few containers of Classic Chicken Noodle Soup stocked in the freezer, it didn’t take long to get back on the mend.

    There’s a lot of buzz about the health benefits of bone broth, and not surprisingly, there are published scientific studies about how a good chicken noodle soup is proven to be a natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms.

    Aside from the physical healing benefits, a bowl of wholesome chicken soup lifts your spirits and nourishes your soul. It’s a lot like a hug…

    Everyone can use a hug, right?


    Be well,


    Perfect Timing. October 07 2014

    I love fall, or 'autumn' as my daughter would call this beautiful season. The crisp cool air that means it's time to get out your coziest sweaters, behold the beauty of the changing leaves, and curl up with a great book on those longer nights. 

    For my family, autumn also means back to school and back to busy! I'm sure we are not the only household that juggles work, play, and all the activities that keep our kiddos happy and balanced. I am also quite sure I'm not the only person who loves having meals at my fingertips when our schedule gets the best of me.

    And it does.


    Enter The Soup Solution! We love soup... but not just any soup.

    We love soup that's made from real stock - no powdered stuff thank-you-very-much.

    We want it to have real ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

    We want homemade. 

    This is our answer for last minute dinners, nutritious packed lunches, and for those days you just want a warm, comforting bowl of goodness. We enjoy it straight up, with a salad and warm, crusty bread. Sometimes we add other ingredients and transform it into something that begs to be eaten with a fork.

    Maybe you have a demanding schedule too, or you just love a bowl of great soup, I hope you find The Soup Solution to be perfect timing.


    Soup's On!




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